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Best 100W 200W 300W 500W RGB RGBW DMX LED Spotlight

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SKU: ZL-FL-JE100~JE500

Power: 100W/200W/300W/500W.
Using CREE brand RGB / RGBW LED chips with high brightness, good color effect, low heat and long lifespan.
Using Mean Well LED driver which is one of the best driver brand in the world.
Support multiple color changing effects: Flashing, Strobing, Jumping, Fading, Smoothing, etc.
The whole light is outdoor IP66 waterproof.
Support very narrow beam angles from 5 to 120 degree. The longest illuminating distance is more than 150 meters.
Support DMX function. Customizable wireless solution, RF remote control solution and mobile phone App control solution.
5 Years warranty.


Model  No. ZL-FL-JE
Power 100W/200W/300W/500W
Input Voltage AC100-277V
LED Model High Power
Driver Brand Mean Well
PF >0.95
Materials Die-casting Aluminum + Lens +   Tempered Glass
Beam Angle 25°/60°/90°
IP Rating Outdoor IP66, IK08
Dimension Φ375*W278*H510mm
Weight 8.2KG
DMX Function Support
Wireless Function Customizable
Mobile App Control Function Customizable
RF Remote Control Function Customizable
Lifespan 50,000 Hours
Working Temp. -40°C~60°C
Lifespan 50,000 Hours
Warranty 5 Years

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Product Details

1. High quality LED chip & LED driver

We use the best RGB / RGBW LED chips from CREE brand, these chips are with high brightness, low heat and good color. The LED driver is from Mean Well brand, which is super strong, with long lifespan and at least 5 years warranty.

cree rgb led chips and mean well driver

2. High power

Our RGB / RGBW DMX LED flood lights can be made from 10W to 1000W, especially 100W, 200W, 300W, 500W, 800W & 1000W. High Power is our advantage, it needs special technology.

high power dmx rgb rgbw led flood light

3. Excellent colors

The other advantage is that our lights can generate better colors and beam angles, this is because we use our self-developed and self-designed solution, we improve the shortages for traditional RGB flood lights.


4. Narrow beam angle

The narrowest beam angle of our DMX LED flood lights is 5 degree, the widest beam angle is 120 degree. By using narrow beam angle, our lights can illuminate over 150 meters long distance.

narrow beam angle rgb led flood light

5. Customizable wireless solution

If it is difficult to lay the DMX cables in your application, we can customize the wireless solution for you. By using this wireless solution, you only need to use one DMX controller and one DMX wireless transmitter, don’t need the extra layout for DMX cables.


6. Customizable mobile phone App controlled solution

If you are not familiar with DMX controller, but you want to customize the colors and changing effects by yourself, you can use our mobile phone App control solution. You can just use an App on the phone to customize multiple kinds of colors and changing effects.

mobile phone app controlled rgb rgb dmx flood light

7. Customizable RF remote control solution

If you only want some fixed colors (such as red, green, bule & white) and changing effects (such as jumping, fading, flashing, strobing, smoothing), you can use our RF remote control solution. This solution is the most simple to use.


Color Changing Effects

Our RGB / RGBW DMX LED flood light supports multiple color changing effects, such as jumping, fading, flashing, strobing, smoothing, etc. If by using with a DMX controller, our lights can generate more complicated color changing effects.


DMX512 Function

Our DMX flood light has built-in DMX512 decoder, it supports standard DMX512 protocol and can work with DMX512 controller directly. You can use our controller, or use your own controller, or buy any other controllers in your local market. If without DMX512 controller, our lights will run the default internal program.



Our RGB / RGBW DMX LED flood light is widely used in commercial building, garden, square, bridge, housing estate, landmark building, amusement park, hotel, tower, church, dock, pitch, etc.



Our DMX flood lights has 3 kinds of installation types, one is wired installation, one is wireless installation, one is compatible installation(the combination of wired & wireless solutions).

1. Wired Installation


2. Wireless Installation


3. Compatible Installation



Our RGB / RGBW DMX LED flood light has obtained a series of certificates such as CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS and FCC, etc. If you has special requirement, you can also tell us directly.

led flood light 500w equivalent - 12

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